Academic program and feedback planning: The Directorate of Academic Planning is a monitoring organ in the University. The Directorate constantly monitors existing and new academic program and ensures Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS) in line with National Universities Commission (NUC) guidelines are maintained, updated/reviews program curriculum, monitors accreditation status of programs,  inform the Provost on accreditation status of programs, liaises with Department/Colleges and the National Universities Commission for program accreditation purposes, helps Department/Colleges prepare adequately for accreditation, receives and works with NUC officials for accreditation and other academic purposes.  The Directorate also undertakes the development and documentation of Academic Brief and guides Department/Colleges in the establishment of new programs in line with NUC guidelines.


Academic Resource Planning: Resource planning involves planning academic and human resources in the University to minimize/eradicate under/over staffing in departments and units in the university.  This deals with the statistical generation of staff/students ratios, staff mix and carrying capacity for the purpose of advising the University management on under/over staffing as it may relate to Department or Units.  In addition, students’ enrollment per Department/College is carefully monitored to ensure adherence to NUC guidelines for teacher/student ratio and track student population growth with respect to the management of resources like hostels, accommodation and laboratories facilities and Library space.  The Directorate also prepares and amends the University Academic Calendar in line with Provosts and or Senate directives.


Academic Processing Planning: The Directorate develops and documents for presentation at the NUC, Abuja, the University System Annual Review Meeting (USARM).  This is to enable the Commission project, plan, budget and allocate resources to the University.  The Directorate also liaises with the Provost in the preparation of the Provost’s report which is also presented at the meeting.  The entire USARM document is a three volume document consisting of the Provost’s Report, University Recurrent Estimates and Statistical data on students and staff.

Research and Statistics: The Directorate collaborates with the Directorate of Research for the purpose of documenting research work in the University.  In addition, the Directorate periodically develops statistics on students and staff.  Among other things, this statistics involves, the preparation of statistics on students total and fresh intake enrollment in terms of Departments/Colleges, gender and class of degree.  Statistics on staff in terms of Department/Colleges or Units, gender and nationality, compilation of list of Academic staff Departments and areas of specialization.


Secretarial Functions: The secretarial staff in the Directorate handles all secretarial duties of the above functions.

Director Of Academic Planning:

Air Cdre. MS Lawal(P.hd)

Air Cdre

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