Training on Research Proposal Writing

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) has recorded many breakthroughs in Research and Development (R& D) as evidenced at exhibitions, workshops and seminars. AFIT desires to further encourage academic excellence, meet contemporary challenges and foster collaboration with the public sector in the area of R&D to improve indigenous capacity. To achieve this, AFIT will embark on training its staff on Writing of Research Proposals.

The Institute is therefore accepting submissions from companies that specialise in research proposal writing.

The Companies are to provide:
• Proof of expertise in training on Research Proposal Writing.
• Evidence of completion of similar works.

The training which will cover all aspects of research proposal writing should be conducted within 4 days (or not exceed 4 days).

Submissions should be made to: info@afit.edu.ng
Cc: kj.umaru@afit.edu.ng

Deadline: Sunday 25 August 2019 5pm