AFIT Graduates First Batch of Technical Supply Course TSC 01/17


The Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna has graduated the pioneer set of Technical Supply Course ( TSC 01/17) to bridge the existing gap between the NAF Supply Core and Aircraft Technicians. One of the challenges that hinder the smooth operation of NAF logistics and aircraft maintenance has been attributed to lack of interface between the NAF Supply core and aircraft technicians. This is largely because supply personnel sometimes lack proper orientation of the environment they work in.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the first batch of TSC 01/17, the Commandant of the Institute, Air Vice Marshal Isyaka Bukar expressed his delight to preside over the first batch of Technical Supply Course in AFIT as the Guest of honour. He stressed the importance of the course as it would enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the operational relationship between NAF logistics and aircraft maintenance. He concluded by encouraging the graduating students not to neglect what they have learnt but rather put it into practice in their various units.

In his speech, the HOD Supply Management Department, Group Captain AI Sambo, said “after eight weeks of intensive training and a tour to DANA Air Services, all the participants are set to work in harmony whenever they are called upon”.  According to him, the course will create a lot of interaction and cooperation between aircraft technicians and supply personnel which has hitherto not been in existence.

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