4th AFIT Matriculation Ceremony


The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Kaduna, has matriculated 146 fresh military and civilian students for its 2017/2018 academic session in National Diploma programmes.
Air Commodore Morakinyo Akiode, the Acting Commandant of the Institute, urged the matriculating students to be determined, enthusiastic, diligent, focused and resilient. He said they should consider their admission into the institute as not only noble but glorious and advised them to maintain a positive attitude and aim high.
The Acting Commandant, in his remarks, expressed profound and deep gratitude to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Honourable Minister of Defence and members of the 8th National Assembly for their immense contributions towards the passage of the AFIT Bill. He further stressed that, with the signing of the Bill into law, AFIT assumes the status of a Federal Funded Institution with supports from relevant MDAs.
He then implored matriculating students to be law abiding, respectful and obey all rules and regulations of the Institute and to refrain from any act of violence, cultism, drug abuse, examination malpractices and other actions or vices that may jeopardize or undermine the discipline or good image of the Institute and that of their families.
The Registrar, AFIT, Air Commodore Babatunde Ajayi, administered oath on the students and congratulated them stating that out of the staggering number of applicants, only very few were admitted.
Meanwhile, the Provost of the Institute, Professor Emmanuel Ezugwu, in his address explained that the Air Force Institute of Technology was established in March 2008 into its current state. He then stated that the Institute is metamorphosing from a solely national to an International Institution, fully funded by the Federal government following the assent of AFIT Establishment Bill passed by the National Assembly by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Muhammadu Buhari on 5 December 2017.
The Guest of Honour at the matriculation ceremony, the Air Officer Commanding Air Training Command, Air Vice Marshal Christopher Okoye praised the founding fathers of the great Institute for their vision and the solid foundation laid several years ago. He also commended the efforts of the successive leaderships of HQ Nigerian Air Force and AFIT in building upon the foundation and steadily working towards the realization of the vision.
He further thanked the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces for assenting to the AFIT bill passed by the 8th National Assembly. According to him, the signed AFIT bill and the associated benefits would provide AFIT with the unique opportunity to prove its worth and set the pace as a centre of excellence for learning and research work in Nigeria, especially in Aerospace Engineering and allied disciplines.

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