Construction of 1,000 Capacity Ultra Modern Auditorium


The chief of Defence Staff General Gabriel Olonisakin has commended the efforts and achievement of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar in human capacity development and fast development of The Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna.
The CDS gave the recommendation during the commissioning ceremony of 1,000  capacity Ultra Modern Auditorium and a 150 capacity Theatre Hall in the institute where he was the special guest of honour.
The Auditorium and Theatre hall were named after the late former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Ibrahim Mahmud Alfa and the 3rd Commandant of Technical Training Group (TTG) now AFIT, retired Group Captain Obesequin Mosugu.
General Olonisakin said the project will boost the learning standard of both staff and students of the  institute and also have a positive impact in the operational capabilities of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.
He said as the institute continues to grow, there is the need for an auditorium of this nature and size in order to give the school the right optics and also reflect the qualities and capabilities of the school. He further said the choice name of the auditorium was no surprise to him, describing Air Marshal Ibrahim Alfa as a disciplinarian, perfectionist and a visionary leader.
In his remarks, the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Baba Abubakar thanked the CDS for adding colour to the ceremony. The CAS said that whatever infrastructure that is put in the institute will impact positively to the training of engineers and technicians in the institute and by extension add value to the NAF.
Air Marshal Abubakar pointed out that on assumption of office, one of  his key drivers was “Human Capacity development through a robust and result oriented training for enhanced professional performance”. To achieve this feat, old infrastructures were upgraded while new ones were provided across various NAF training schools to enhance training activities and this signifies a continuous commitment towards sustaining that dream. He also said that in recent years, AFIT has continued to witness an influx of large number of students owing to its unique training in the field of aviation and logistics. This surge has necessitated the need to create conducive learning environment by providing adequate infrastructure.
The CAS however commended the Commandant of the Institute, Air Vice Marshal Isiaka Bukar and the immediate past Commandant, Air Commodore Musibau Soladoye for their contributions towards ensuring that the project was executed. He therefore enthused that AFIT would continue to make its mark as a reputable institute of technology within the armed forces and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Some of the facilities in the auditorium are 150KVA diesel generator, 3.6KVA inverter, heavy duty amplifier, 1003 folding seats with writing pad, 2 podiums, Mackkie integrated mixer, 5000va automatic voltage regulator (stabilizer). Others include: 3000 litres water tank, set of Hip Desktop computer system, overhead projector, borehole and surface pumping machine, standing unit and split ACs among others.

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