Air Vice Marshal Cletus Udeagulu Takes Over as Commandant


Air Vice Marshal Cletus Udeagulu has taken over the mantle of leadership as the 24th Commandant of the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna.
Speaking at the handing and taking over ceremony in Kaduna on 28th February 2018, the outgoing Acting commandant, Air Commodore MA Akiode said, “the institute has achieved various milestones under the 23rd Commandant, Air Vice marshal Isyaka Bukar, notable among them is the passage of AFIT Establishment Bill into law on the 5th of December 2017. He thanked personnel of the institute for the assistance they gave him when he was the acting commandant and implored them to extend the same gesture to the incoming commandant.

In his own remarks, the incoming commandant said, “A training institution cannot be static, it has to be dynamic, there is need to keep pace with all the challenges bedeviling the country. He urged the staff of the Institute to be open with their ideas and come to him for guidance whenever the need arises. He pledged to take AFIT to greater height in the peak of time.

AVM CN Udeagulu is a member of Regular Course 36, the pioneer course of the Degree programme in NDA. He studied Physics and graduated with a First Class Honours in 1989.
He holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Lagos, Master of Science Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the prestigious Cranfield University United Kingdom, and Master of Science Degree in National Security from the National Defence University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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