Wing Commander Vincent Olalekan Babalola FSS psc MSc AMNIM is a Master of Aerospace Vehicle Design (Avionics System Design Option) at Cranfield University United Kingdom.   His research interests lie in the area of aircraft avionics systems ranging from theory to design and implementation. He has contributed to the design and manufacture of the Nigeria’s first indigenous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and several other research projects in the Nigerian Air Force Units where he has worked.


Babalola had several military training on aircraft maintenance some of which include; Aircraft maintenance course in California Air National Guard United State of America from February to April 2008 and Fighter/Attack Aircraft Maintenance course in the Chinese First Aeronautical Institute of Technology from August 2008 to September 2009. Babalola also had an Organic Level Maintenance Course on Chinese CH-3A Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle in 2015.  He was also trained as an avionics engineer on the F-7PG Aircraft Avionic/Instruments Maintenance at Samungli Air Force Base Pakistan from March 2016 to May 2016.


Babalola has served as a lecturer in the Air Force Institute of Technology and Nigerian Defence Academy, Air Force Wing as an avionics lecturer in 2014.  He is the current Head of Aircraft Maintenance Department, Air Force Institute of Technology.  Babalola is happily married and blessed with children.  He enjoys reading and surfing the net.  He has also taken music as another career and he produced maiden Jazz album titled “Moment” in 2007.


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