The School of Air Engineering is the premier school in the Institute. It is headed by a Dean made up of 4 departments: the Aircraft Engineering Department (AED); Aircraft Maintenance Department (AMD), Mechanical and Aerospace Ground Engineering Department (MAGED), and Armament Engineering Department (ARMED). The departments are overseen by HODs who are responsible to the Dean.


The Air Engineering Department (AED) runs the Post Graduate Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (PGD AE) course. The Department also conducts the Masters of Science in Aerospace Vehicle Design (MSc AVD) and MSc Thermal Power courses in conjunction with the Cranfield University in the UK. Furthermore, the Department conducts Engineering Control Officers Course (ECOC).


The primary role of the Aircraft Maintenance Department (AMD) is to conduct initial training in Aircraft Engineering Technology (AET) for personnel of the air engineering trade and qualified civilians. The Department performs its role through the conduct of a 2-year (4-semester) National Diploma (ND) and another 2 year (4 semester) Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes in AET. In addition, the Department conducts a Pre-HND course for ex-TTG graduates as well as personnel and civilians who have obtained ND or its equivalent in engineering or allied courses that are not directly related to aircraft engineering. The Pre-HND course prepares the students for the HND AET programme which has airframe/power plant and avionics options. It is worthy of note that the ND and HND courses are accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). Other courses offered by the Department include Airmen Intermediate (XIII – XII) and Airmen Advanced (XII –XI) upgrading courses for NAF aircraft technicians (both also have the airframe/powerplant and avionics options).


The Mechanical and Aerospace Ground Engineering Department (MAGED) runs courses such as National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Basic Automobile Maintenance Course. HND Mechanical Engineering Technology is expected to commence when the National Board for Technical Education gives the approval to mount the course. Other courses are Driving Appreciation Course and Upgrading Courses for auto maintenance and aerospace ground equipment technicians. Courses offered and their appropriate credit units are detailed below.


The Armament Engineering Department (ARMED) runs the Postgraduate Diploma in Armament Engineering as well as Initial Armament Officers Maintenance Course (IAOMC). The Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Armament Engineering is a one year 2-semester course for military, para-military and specially recommended civilian staff from Ministry of Defence while the IOAMC is a 2-semester programme on Armament Technology courses. The Course is designed to cater for the initial training of armament officers to work in the field.The ARMED also runs 7 main courses for airmen. These are the National Diploma in Explosives Ordnance Technology (ND EOT), Airmen Basic Armament Maintenance Course (ABAMC), Airmen Intermediate Armament Maintenance Course (AIAMC), Airmen Advanced Armament Maintenance Course (AAAMC), Airmen Basic Armament Aerospace Ground Support Equipment Course (ABAAGSEC), Airmen Intermediate Armament Aerospace Ground Support Equipment Course (AIAAGSEC), BasicArmorers’ Course (BAC).

List of Aircraft Technicians scheduled to undertake AFIT qualifying exams on 16 Sep 17 -251 persennel has been released.

Application for direct entry admissions into PGD/HND/Pre-HND programmes and admission screening into ND programmes for 2017/2018 academic session is has been closed.

AFIT graduates first batch of Technical Supply Course (TSC 01/17)

AFIT inaugurates ILPC 05/2917

CDS lauds the construction of 1,000 capacity ultra modern auditorium in AFIT

AFIT to partner with ISPON in safety related activities


Academic Calendar for 2016/2017 Academic Session



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Group Captain F Ekpah Acting Dean School of Air Engineering